Midas the Dominant

I have a 24/7 mixed BDSM relationship with my submissive (wife). This means at any given time, when no vanilla is around, either I or subby can step into our respective 'role'. Only I (or an emergency) can end it. Or if she calls out for her safeword. As we are still embarking onto this thing we do, we have monthly evaluations of the rules, and how they work for us. But also on how we see our own role, needs and limits.

At first I thought uncovering the veil of being the Dominant that was hiding inside me would be easy. That is proving to not be so true. Yes the first layer I could lift, but underneath there seem to be new areas and new layers. That I for sure did not know before.

We created alter ego's to not be recognised to easily in this digital realm, and also use these in digital communication on the phone. They are however closely related to our personalities, and do indeed represent parts of the Dominant or submissive roles we feel drawn to.

Just in case one wonders, who I am, when domspace surrounds me, I am Master Midas to my submissive, but you can call me Midas.

Midas' name linked to three things currently incorporated into being a Dominant.

1) Midas the Wolf

Midas the Wolf can be rather evil and sadistic. But he also has a caring and responsible side. This to me is the most important aspect of a good Dominant. However, I also discovered, I can be pushed up higher into domspace, where I become animalistic like a wolf. Growling, snapping, biting, shredding my prey.

2) Midas the (famous dutch) biologist

Most of you won't know him. But he is a somewhat pessimistic / realistic biologist that can view the world from simple perspective. I like the way he explains human behavior, and describes the habbits of mankind. I have a tendency to take alternative viewpoints, play devil's advocate, and investigate and explore the unknown. And I figure we are alike in that sense.

3) Midas the King, with the golden touch.

This is only a very recent discovery of a part of Daddy-Dom inside me. Mostly triggered by my submissive behaving bratty, or childish (nagging/teasing). It also represents the controling and restrictive domination, taking all the decisions. The golden touch ... I just like to grab, touch, and make that sub melt in my hands :-)

I may further elaborate in future updates of this page. Might you have compelling questions ... feel free to ask.


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